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the cool quiz 4.0

2008-05-25 12:12:08 by coolguy399

out now!

good news

2008-05-24 15:20:40 by coolguy399

good news for all you fans out there. im making a cool quiz 4.0


2008-05-21 18:07:07 by coolguy399

check out this pic lol /Rob/smoking.png


2008-05-08 21:03:36 by coolguy399

cool quiz 2.0 out now

p.s CHECK IT OUT!!!!!


2008-05-06 22:33:56 by coolguy399

the cool puzzle pt 1 out now!


2008-04-16 19:44:59 by coolguy399

i wanted to make some flash submissions but i cant find out the right soft ware, i went to the flash section of newgrounds and downloaded it but couldnt figure out how to get it up and running, could someone post me a link to the download site?